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Transforming spaces into artistic marvels is an exercise in vision, creativity, and innovation. It's about seeing beyond the mundane and ordinary, visualizing the potential beauty that a space can embody.

About Us

Parfait Wallpaper Services sets the gold standard for home transformations in California, delivering exceptional wallpaper installations. As your all-in-one solution, we handle everything from wall repairs to flawless wallpaper installation. At Parfait, we curate immersive experiences, expertly guiding you in selecting the perfect wallpaper, ensuring perfection in every corner post-renovation.

Proudly leading as the top choice among California’s builders, Parfait offers unparalleled quality at an unbeatable price. Our commitment to affordability never compromises the top-notch quality we deliver. Choose Parfait to elevate your space and experience the unmatched value we bring to every project. Your vision deserves our perfection.

Our Services

Commercial Wallpaper Installation

Our specialists adeptly upgrade business spaces using premium materials for commercial wallpaper installation. We manage various wallpaper styles with expertise.

Wall Preparation

Our skilled crew meticulously preps surfaces for wallpaper preparation, ensuring optimal adhesion. We utilize top-tier methods for flawless application readiness.

Residential Wallpaper Installation

For residential wallpaper installation, our experts swiftly enhance homes using top-quality materials. We handle diverse wallpaper types with precision.

Wallpaper Removal

Our trained team efficiently strips old designs for wallpaper removal, ensuring clean surfaces. We use the best tools for pristine results.

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We Install All Wallpaper Types

Vinyl Type II
Regular Paper
Peel and Stick

Any Space
Any Design

Whether you’re looking to revamp your child’s bedroom or refresh your office space, Parfait Wallpaper Services is here for you. New wallpaper can dramatically transform your room, infusing it with style, warmth, and luxury.

With our extensive experience, we navigate through any wallpaper installation challenge. We handle various wall coverings for every room – the bathroom, bedroom, living area, or study. Proudly serving all corners of California, we’re your go-to for impeccable wallpaper solutions.

Top Wallpaper Brands We Trust

Parfait Wallpaper Services collaborates with leading wallpaper brands and makers such as Charlotte Janvier, Helmsie, Lawson-Fenning, Patch NYC, and and Hygge & West.

Our curated selection of modern, designer, and luxury wallpapers promises to infuse your space with character and sophistication. Coupled with our expert installation, these wallpapers accentuate walls, making them the focal point of any room.

Our Process


Initial Consultation

Begin with a complimentary consultation by submitting a request on our website. Our dedicated manager will address your queries and offer expert guidance.


Detailed Estimate

Once we’ve discussed and finalized the specifics of your project, we provide a comprehensive, no-obligation quote. This includes coordinating delivery and scheduling.


Execution and Delivery

Upon agreement of the estimate, we organize your wallpaper order and initiate the process. From wallpaper removal to wall preparation and new installation, we handle it all seamlessly.



Post the successful completion of the wallpaper installation, payment for the services rendered is due. For our client’s ease, we accept a wide range of payment methods.


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FAQs About Wallpaper Installation

The duration varies based on room size and wallpaper type. Typically, a standard room can be completed in a day. However, intricate designs or larger spaces may take longer.


While our team handles wall preparation, it’s beneficial if walls are clean and free from major damages. We’ll take care of minor imperfections and ensure the surface is ready for wallpaper.


Most modern wallpapers are designed to be durable and easy to clean. A damp cloth usually does the trick for light stains. However, always refer to the wallpaper manufacturer’s guidelines.


We aim to schedule installations as promptly as possible, typically within a week of the consultation, depending on our current workload.


No worries! We also offer wallpaper removal services. When you’re ready for a change, reach out, and we’ll assist in the removal and new installation.


Where we Service

PARFAIT WALLPAPER SERVICES meets you at any address in Bay Area. Just Call us or book an appointment!